Netanyahu engaged Trump’s affection for golf and utilized New York City guides to turn the president against Palestinians, new diary says

Previous Israeli State leader Benjamin Netanyahu utilized near guides of New York City and Israel and playing golf illustrations to turn previous President Donald Trump against Palestinians, as per his new diary.

The disclosures come from Netanyahu’s “Bibi: My Story,” in a pre-discharge duplicate which The Gatekeeper got.

As per The Gatekeeper’s covering the journal, Netanyahu said he involved different imaginative methodologies in gatherings with Trump that he trusted would resound with the then-president and get him energetic about Israel’s inclinations.

One such technique was utilizing visual guides. As per The Gatekeeper, Netanyahu wrote in his diary that he once introduced a “basic slide” containing a guide contrasting specific distances in Israel with distances in New York City.

“It showed the separation from Tel Aviv to the 1967 lines to which the Palestinians requested we retreat,” Netanyahu composed, per The Gatekeeper. “Superimposed on the guide was the separation from Trump Pinnacle to the George Washington Extension.”